Courses and Events

As part of our aim to build friendship and share life, we run small groups and occasional courses.  We pray that these will help you to grow in your faith and provide valuable input into your life.  We also put on events through the year with the aim of having fun together and blessing our community.

We're currently looking together at what it means to be an Apprentice of Jesus Christ.  We're developing 12 practices of being a Christian - developing the knowledge, skills, habits, character to be like Him, to be in His Kingdom.

Over 100 people have been part of an Alpha Course in Westcott, with almost 100% appreciation of the Course. We usually run courses about every 18 months.

The current focus for our ‘small group’ work is the Women’s Group, which meets weekly on Tuesday mornings, and the Men’s Group, which meets monthly, enjoying time together before discussion and prayer.

We run other occasional courses including the 'Marriage Course'.