The Wider Church of England 

We are pleased to be a part of the Church of England.  In particular, we are part of:

  • The Surrey Hills Group with Abinger & Coldharbour and Wotton & Holmbury. 

    The clergy meet regularly for mutual support, and occasional joint vision days are held.

  • The Dorking Deanery:  

    Responding to the liberating love of God in Christ;  Serving all who live and work in the Deanery.  We support the monthly meeting of clergy of the Deanery, and the four Deanery Synods through the year.  In these meetings - open to all - issues of common interest regarding mission and ministry are addressed.

  • The Diocese of Guildford.  

    We appreciate the support and leadership provided by Guildford Diocese.  We understand the need to pay 'parish share' to provide ministry in Westcott, and contribute to the wider costs of the Church.  We pray regularly for our Archdeacon Paul, and Bishops Andrew and Jo.

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