Children, Families and Youth 

Please see Coronavirus Updates for the latest details of how we're adapting our usual practices to comply with national guidance.

‘Celebrate’ is the name for all the things we do at the Church in Westcott to help children and families to live life, love life and share life to the full! 
Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been to church before or not.  There’s a place here for you!

On Sunday mornings during our 10:15am service, we currently offer:
Creche facilities for babies and toddlers, with a speaker link so accompanying parents can hear what's going on in the service.  

To support new parents:We offer 2 weeks (Mon-Fri) of meals to familes with a new baby in Westcott.  We offer this for any time during the baby's first year, to help make things a little easier, and to welcome your little one into the community!  This is very much by the community, for all in the community - and over the years many people have appreciated receiving - and giving in this way.  Please see our page on this website for more information.

Links with Surrey Hills C of E Primary School

We enjoy our links with Surrey Hills C of E Primary School, building friendships and sharing life together.